How do Red Hat and Matrix work together
to help start-ups?

"Leveraging one of Red Hat's strongest regional partner relationships, Red Hat Innovate is sponsored by

Matrix in Israel. The initiative is designed to help Start-ups leverage the power, openness, and

collaborative nature of open source. A select group of participating Israeli startups will enjoy potential

worldwide exposure and assistance. Moreover, the partnership between Red Hat and Matrix allows

Israeli startups to receive tailored local benefits, including assistance with initial go-to-market activities."

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Criteria for acceptance into the program:

Application / acceptance process:

Potential startups can apply for the program on the INNOVATE registration website and will forego a screening process.


Program benefits in detail:

This list may be changed and updated over time according to requirements. Any suggestions or feedback are welcome
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Matrix represents Red Hat in Israel, including support of Red Hat Innovate with unique additional values and local assistance."

Marketing and sales

Tools, methodology and development

Training and workshops

Additional benefits

Lectures and seminars will be given to the selected startups that combine business and professional information on different fields, such as:


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